Hooray! You have spotted a Dude.

What am I looking at?

The Dude Spotter team works to find and preserve Dudes in funky places around central Providence and College Hill.

Dudes are an endangered species of clay creature; they are attracted to places of quiet studiousness and contemplative imagination. If you have found one, count yourself lucky. Once a common sight among the bookshelves and study spaces of New England, now their habitat is a scant few square miles of Providence ground.

What should I do if I have spotted a Dude?

Do not disturb it. If it has elected to hide, leave it there; though if it has been knocked over by hooligans or otherwise upturned, it is considered a kindness to help the Dude into their proper position.

If you see a Dude without a QR code, or in a place where it seems to be at threat, we would like to know about it ASAP. Send us an email at dude.spotter@gmail.com as soon as you can.

Some (though not all) cleaners and facilities personnel consider Dudes an invasive species, and endeavour to remove or destroy them. If you know a Dude is in danger of being hurt, it would be kind to carefully relocate them into a safer public place.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Dudes melt in water. Please don’t bring or leave Dudes outside.

Do not take any Dudes for yourself. Dudes are a rare species and therefore precious; they are for public enjoyment.

Are the Dudes supposed to be a secret?

Awareness of the Dudes helps their preservation. Feel free to send photos to friends, family, colleagues, enemies.

However, try not to draw too much attention to them in public; they’re shy.

I have more questions!

Reach out to us at dude.spotter@gmail.com. We’re happy to answer any and all questions about this rare and exciting creature.

Feel free to send us photos of yourself or the Dudes as well! We love to receive them.